We welcome local and foreign volunteers to Horizon Lanka. Those who prefer to volunteer at Horizon Lanka Academy, Mahavilachchiya can contact us. If you can teach English, computers, management, etc., you can contact us. You can read some of the tour reports by our former volunteers in this page.


  1. I am an IT professional living in Australia. I would love to help you guys out. Pls email me anything you would like me to contribute to your network.


  2. Dear Supuni,

    You can contribute to us,

    1. by coming to volunteer at Mahavilachchiya (Visit http://www.horizonlanka.org/volunteer )/index.html
    2. by e-mentoring the students through emails, IM and VOIP
    3. by financially contributing through http://www.globalgiving.com/pr/1700/proj1657a.html?RF=widget_large1657 or any other way you are comfortable with. Please let us know how you prefer to contribute.

  3. I’m an engineer working in Colombo. Seeing the huge enthusiasm for learning English, I’d like to help them. Plus, I have a big community of young engineers in many different fields whom would like to give a helping hand.

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