Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | January 27, 2008


Horizon Lanka believes in physical fitness of village students and youth. Changing life styles with the introduction of ICTs can create problems in physical fitness of the village youth. To address this issue Horizon Lanka ensured that the equipment for a modern gymnasium be bought under GenevaGlobal – USAID grant in the year 2005.
Horizon Lanka’s existing gymnasium will be shifted to a strategic location in Pemaduwa, Mahavilachchiya from February 02, 2008. This move is done to ensure more space is available for Horizon Lanka Academy’s new ICT education expansion program. Move will also enable a wide range of people in the village being able to use the gymnasium. The users will have to pay a reasonable fee to get registered and be trained under a qualified teacher. Two of the youths from Mahavilachchiya will run the gymnasium.The building we started to build in 2006 will be used for a Montessori and a library once the building work is over.

While the gymnasium will be shifted to another location the outdoor sports activities will be done at the usual place, Deepthi Playground which is situated just opposite the Horizon Lanka Foundation building. Children and the youth from the area can play softball and hardball cricket, soccer, rugby, badminton, volleyball, etc. here.


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