Since the inception of Horizon Lanka Foundation, both electronic and print media gave a big boost to the project. Horizon Lanka is where it is today as a result.

Sunday Observer AuxiCogent to expand BPO operation – Mahavilachchiya a role model
Inter Press Service Leapfrogging Out of Poverty on IT
Sunday Times IT rumble in the jungle
Sunday Times BPO in the Anuradhapura backwoods
Sunday Observer Mahavilachchiya – first village to have BPO operation
Silumina News article in Silumina about Horizon Lanka
Sunday Times – FT Brand new laptop for village blogger – Financial Times (Sunday Times)
i4d Mahavilachchiya’s mesh Internet Project has been nominated for i4d Award 2007.
i4d Rural BPO, Sri Lanka – What dreams may come true! | PDF Version
Lankadeepa President Praises Mr Wanni PDF Sinhala in Lankadeepa
Dinamina President Praises Mr Wanni PDF Sinhala in Dinamina
Daily News President praises Mr Wanninayaka (English)
Explorers Foundation Mr Wanni wins Explorers Foundation Awards 2004-2006
Daily News President stresses integrated village development
Sunday Observer – Oomph Magazine – The Future of Meshed-up eVillage In PDF Format
The Nation e-Village in the Jungle
Rivira Article in Sinhala (Download PDF file)
Lakbima Article in Sinhala (Download PDF file)
i4d The First Model e-Village in Sri Lanka Paves the Way for 24-Hour Connectivity in Other Rural Communities
APDIP The First Model e-Village in Sri Lanka Paves the Way for 24-Hour Connectivity in Other Rural Communities
Daily Mirror “e-Villages”: The future of development
LIRNEASIA Village with a mesh network, but not a single telephone
ICTA ICTA’s press release on mesh launching at Horizon Lanka
The Island Mahavilachchiya mesh network launched today
LBO Sri Lanka plans to test the limits of smart digital mesh boxes
The Hindu Going beyond horizons
ICTA New Sun rises on Horizon Lanka Foundation
Daily News Intel chief commends government for its efforts to bridge the digital divide
ICTA IT Giant INTEL Commends Sri Lanka’s Efforts to Bridge the Digital Divide
ICTA – Catalyst Can Computers Feed the Hungry? PDF NEWSLETTER
CSSL ICT for Human Development in the Third World: – The Reality and the Myth by Chanuka Wattegama in MS WORD in PDF in PowerPoint Courtesy CSSL
Digital Review Taking rural Sri Lanka to new horizons – in Digital Review of Asia Pacific
IT TIMES eSRI LANKA – Ready for Great Leap Forward
IT TIMES Digital Butterflies – A PC for each home
IT TIMES The Emergence of a New Horizon FULL STORY
ICTA – Catalyst Read ICTA’s newsltetter on Horizon Lanka’s recent achievements. Sinhala | Tamil | English
Connected How can we open the world? “A World Connected” writes on Horizon Lanka FULL STORY
IT TIMES Model eVillage Towards a Connected Community
LearnAid Read news from LearnAid. FULL STORY (PDF)
TecKnow Read the Editorial of TecKnow on Horizon School’s success story FULL STORY
TecKnow Read the cover story of TecKnow on Horizon School’s success story FULL STORY
Pariganaka Read this article about Mr. Wanni appeared in Wijeya pariganaka ICT magazine.
Pariganaka A laptop in Dambana. Read about Mr. Wanni’s trip to Dambana in Sinhala.
Daily Mirror Veddah children of Dambana fly in an aeroplane for the first time.
Pariganaka Wijeya Pariganaka, does its cover story about Horizon School.
Daily Mirror A laptop in Dambana. Veddahs see a laptop for the first time.
Daily Mirror Taking computers to the village? There has been a lot of talking, ……
LearnAid Two children at Horizon School had managed to buy computers under Digital Butterflies.
Daily Mirror The road to Mahavilachchiya with its broken macadam looks so familiar now….
Horizon Lanka Horizon Lanka Kids participate in a live talk show on Rupavahini TV.
Daily Mirror Horizon school, a small informal IT school situated in Mahavilachchiya …
Daily Mirror Mahavilachchiya is one of our remotest villages and is on the border of Wilpattu.
SOSK Abutting the Vilpaththu Wild Life Reserve, and computers and the Internet …
SOSK SOSK Assistance For Horizon Computer Room at Mahavilachchiya
Belgian Newspaper During the time from the 14th to the 25th of the August twenty four westerners …
Lankadeepa In a world where money hunters every nook and corner ….
LankaPage Last month on June 8th my family and I had the opportunity to see …
Daily News A group of underprivileged children in Mahavilachchiya, a remote village ….
SOSK An Internet website that is different from the rest is
LankaPage We, Mahavilachchiya village kids in the Horizon School, are going to stage …
LankaPage When we put the story about our ‘Dream Computer Room’ on our website, ……
LankaPage Since the story of The Horizon School appeared on the LankaPage ….
Pariganaka “Mahavilachchiya is one of the most rural areas in the Anuradhapura district.
LankaPage Since the story of The Horizon School appeared on the LankaPage ….
Pariganaka I am going to tell you a fairy tale; a fairy tale rich with emotions; …
.com The meaning of horizon is the imaginary point where the sky meets the ocean.
Daily Mirror Three years ago, these school children from Mahavilachchiya …
IPS Ten-year-old Ruvini Seneviratne is adept at using an IBM compatible computer

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