Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | April 2, 2009


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Horizon Lanka Foundation secured a grant to provide Internet access to the village of Mahavilachchiya using mesh technology. The preliminary work has already begun and the project will be completed within coming weeks.
In 2006 also Horizon Lanka provided internet access to the Mahavilachchiya village through mesh technology by providing Internet access to 30 users. That covered 1/4th of the geographical area of the village and this time around the network will be extended to rest of the village as well.
More details of the project will be made available through Horizon Lanka website as and when they are available. (Due credits to the relevant parties who support us will be attributed in our next newsletter once the project is completed.)
We expect you will help us by providing new or used PCs and laptops to us so that we can distribute them among the children of Mahavilachchiya, public schools, dhamma schools, community centers, etc. so that more people from the village could use Internet productively.
We hope to provide Internet access to more than 100 users through this project. There are already more than 50 PCs available in the village and we need your support to provide more PCs to the villagers.
Please contact us. Email: Mobile: 077-7702678 (Local) / 0094-77-7702678 (IDD)


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