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Niki Li Ke, Beijing, China – January 31, 2009

As I was walking down the small path surrounded by coconut trees and crops, a bright color building house came out. That is the computer lab of Horizon Lanka- the unique Internet-access building in Mahavilachchiya area, Anuradhapura. Horizon Lanka Foundation was founded by Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayaka and aims at teaching local students English and computer skills. Because of low entrance rate of university, student who speaks fluent English and being familiar with computer skills becomes more competitive.

In Horizon Lanka Foundation I met two groups of students who came from Mahavilachchiya village, teenagers and junior students. The teenage girls were very shy but showed strong eager to learn, as I showed them how to use Facebook they were excited and registered one by one. Although they sometimes found hard to speak in fluent English but they tried hard to express with words and postures. Looking at their beautiful and satisfied smile I can image a bright future of them. The other group consists of pupils who were lovely and learned fast. I taught simply MS Word and PowerPoint skill and found them performed creatively beyond my imagination.
I lived with Mr. Wanninayaka’s wife’s family there I experienced open-air bath and saw family-owned bus for the first time. I was warmly welcomed by Mrs. Wanni’s whole family and make new friends. I like their peaceful lifestyle and enjoy starry night very much. Mr. Wanni’s brother-in-law and sister-in-law also showed me around the Anuradhapura city that was full of historical and religious atmosphere.

Thanks to Mr. Wanni’s creative idea that introduce Internet and English class into Mahavilachchiya village that provide local students more opportunity to go to university and compete in job market. My trip is short but harvest and I will keep these memories forever.


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