Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | May 1, 2008

Horizon Lanka students do well at the Ordinary Level English examination

Some of the students who sat for OL

As always, Horizon Lanka Academy has been able to produce the best results for Ordinary Level English exam from Mahavilachchiya last December too. The results were out this month and you can see the results sheet below

Hanshi Sumedha        A
Chamara Pradeep      A
Dhananjaya Wijewikrama A
Gayani Sandamali         A
Tharanga Sampath       A
Damith Jayawardana    C
Vishwa Sampath          C
Anushka Udeshini       S
Randika Sudath           S

Credits for good OL results at Horizon Lanka should go to its English teachers, foreign volunteers, e-mentors and those who communicated with students in English electronically. We wish more volunteers to teach English (both local and foreign) could join Horizon Lanka Academy.

To strengthen English education further at Horizon Lanka Academy, the Academy tied up with prestigious European College, Colombo with the support of Accelerated Skills Acquisition Project (ASAP)- USAID. The new courses will start shortly. This will enable the students and youth in Mahavilachchiya to learn English faster and be prepared for the job market within a very short time at an affordable price.


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