Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | January 15, 2008


Hansi Sumedha

Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold from Switzerland contacted Horizon Lanka Foundation through email last April and informed us that he is willing to provide a brand new laptop for one of our students. Horizon staff selected Tharanga Sampath, a brilliant student at Horizon Lanka Academy. We thank Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold a lot for this generous donation. Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold promised to send two more laptops for the next two best students at Horizon Lanka Academy.

Ranuka Udayanga was the second student to get a brand new laptop from Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold. Hansi Sumedha got the third laptop.

Read an essay written by Hansi below.

“We are the buds that will bloom in the future. We should try to meet our parent’s expectations. Education is a true gift. Education can never be stolen away from us. It is not only to pass the exams or do jobs but also to help become good citizens in our country. Our teachers encourage us to do this. To help and love others you need to have a good heart. We don’t know what the future holds for us. Today if we learn good habits we can have a sparkling future. And achieve through this education a prosperous future.
An education is worthwhile only to those who try to learn, aspire to learn. There is a path laid out for you to follow using your vision why follow a path as a blind man. We live in a novel world. Man is developing little by little. Therefore, education is very useful to a man.”

Lak Saviya Foundation
was involved in coordinating with the donor in Switzerland – Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold – and Horizon Lanka for the purchase and delivery of the laptop computers. Lak Saviya managed to liaise with the donor and the recipient (through Horizon Lanka) for selecting appropriate Acer laptops from Colombo that fits within the budget of the donor and suitable for the end users – two Digital Ambassadors in Mahavilachchiya village. We thank Lak Saviya for their generous assistance to us in this regard.


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