Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | December 31, 2007

How I got a job in Colombo – Majith Rakshitha Perera – Former student of Horizon Lanka

Majith Rakshitha Perera

By Majith Rakshitha Perera – Former student of Horizon Lanka

I am Majith Rakshitha Perera from Mahavilachchiya. I have long history with Horizon Lanka Foundation. I joined Horizon when I was studying in grade seven. Now I am 20 years old. I got good experiences from the Horizon Lanka. I haven’t got paper qualifications (certificates) for my computer knowledge. But I have knowledge than people with certificates. I know basic computer networking and computer hardware. I can learn any software very fast.

I am repairing computers in the village. This small business provides me pocket money. I got a good chance to work with Enterprise Technology (PVT) Ltd. It was the mesh Internet project of Mahavilachchiya. I work with them for six months. I got from them a good knowledge about networking. I got 15,000 LKR per month as a salary during those six months.

I learnt internet browsing at Horizon Lanka. We have unlimited internet. So it is a big chance for us. We can download the things we need immediately as we have unlimited internet access. I also have some experiences in teaching. I was a computer instructor to junior students at Horizon Lanka.

Now I am doing a job as a graphic designer in Colombo. I got all these opportunities due to the experiences I got at Horizon Lanka.


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