Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | December 31, 2007

A sucess story from Krishanthi, the Birthday Girl

Krishanthi Priyadarshani

Krishanthi Priyadarshani

Hi, I am Krishanthi Priyadarshani a former student of the Horizon Lanka. Today (December 31) is my birthday. I have a pleasant story to share with you today.

I studied at Saliya Mala Viduhala in Mahavilachchiya. It is a small government school. At that time I was in grade 4. I had no much interest in studying English before but after arrival of Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayaka at Saliya Mala School, the students felt studying English is fun. English became more interesting than our mother tongue, Sinhala.

Later we started Horizon School in Mahavilachchiya. At the beginning the students studied under the trees due to inadequate facilities the school had but this situation has entirely changed at present and the students are very fortunate at present to study in a big computer laboratory (which was donated by Mrs. Lovina Charles) with unlimited internet access.

I have a personal web page. It was designed by me. My only dream is doing a job in graphic design and photography.

I am lucky to get advanced computer training at Sri Lanka Tourist Board through the Horizon Lanka Foundation. First I want to thank Mr. Udana Wickramasighe, Director ICT, Sri Lanka Tourist Board for giving me a chance first. Mr. Wickramasighe had been visiting Horizon Lanka site for a long time while he was in Australia. After coming to Sri Lanka he saw some stories in the press about Horizon Lanka and contacted Mr. Wanninayaka to help us. I am improving my computer knowledge here and I am spending my time on it. The staff here is very friendly with me. I thank Horizon Lanka for taking me this far.


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