Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | December 29, 2007

18. First Live TV Talk show by Horizon Lanka kids in 2003

TMG Chandrasekara, the announcer. Wanni, we have few minutes left. Aruna, do you have anything to add? Are there any other graduates in the village or are you the only one?

Aruna: There are few others.

TMG: You have got a traditional university education and come back to the village to start from the scratches again with Horizon. But the future generation in the village will not have the same problems you had since they are getting the basics right from the village itself now.

Aruna: Certainly, that is what my aim too. I am of the view that we should go for the modern knowledge without being limited to traditional system.

TMG: Many of us have to come to the village to find knowledge. A person  like you can have access to Information Technology only after coming to university. But now, since Wanni and others have started this project in the village…. How far the youth who studied at Horizon have gone by now?

Wanni: Few have got job opportunities. People who visit our website offer job opportunities to the youth. Two students were selected to university recently and we are helping them further. My main goal is to send at least one child from Mahavilachchiya to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in USA and give a good education there within next 5 years and bring him/her back to the village. It is not something impossible. Coming back to the unemployment problem, there is no scarcity of jobs. If you read a weekend newspaper you can see how many vacancies are available. The problem is that we haven’t matched our knowledge to these jobs for some unfortunate reasons. I don’t think that Mahavilachchiya children will ever have this problem in future.  At the recently held presentation in Colombo some private banks came to us and said they will provide jobs once the children grow up since the children already have the necessary knowledge.

TMG:  After watching today’s program, I think that if you were in a backward mindset, you will come forward. You saw the talents of the children in Mahavilachchiya village which is surrounded by Vilpattu National Park. You also can get this as an example and go forward. Wanni, thank you and others very much for coming to Rupavahini and showing us your children’s talents.


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