Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | December 29, 2007

17. First Live TV Talk show by Horizon Lanka kids in 2003

TMG Chandrasekara, the announcer:  We have little time left now. Aruna, tell me what are your future plans. We have to make this (ICT) culture in the village. You have got to get the parents’ and the village’s involvement here, not only the children.

Aruna: We have a future plan but the problem is we don’t have a regular fund for that. If we have regular funding for at least two years it would be helpful for us to develop our ICT project further.

TMG: Wanni, you have a program to provide a PC for everyone in the village. Please briefly explain me about that.

Wanni: We have an ICT Plan and our first priority is to complete the computer lab and then comes getting necessary equipments for the lab. Computer training comes next. As part of our ICT plan we have planned to get a PC for each child in the village. We call the program “Digital Butterflies.”  Each child is supposed to save 5000 LKR in his or her bank account. They can save 100 LKR per month since Horizon is not charging any money from the students. They can save more during parents’ harvesting season. Then we match the grant with another 5000 LKR from a donor (from Colombo or abroad.) We had originally planned to buy the first PC under this program in two years but I am happy to say that within the first six months since we planned the project, 12 PCs have come to children’s houses. Another 10 students have saved 5000 LKR and are in the waiting list now to get the matching grant from a donor.

TMG: This means each child in the villagewill get a PC …. You have electricity in the village, haven’t you?

Wanni: Yes, we do.

TMG:  If you had telephone facilities you could have gone further …

Wanni: Yes, we can perform “magic” if we have a telephone line. That is the only thing we expect from the government.


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