Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | December 24, 2007

15. First Live TV Talk show by Horizon Lanka kids in 2003

T M G Chandrasekara: OK, we spoke of the challenges …

Wanni: The next biggest challenge is the running costs of the institution. At the start it was not costly – we studied in the usual fashion, under trees. But now we need to generate a huge amount of about Rupees 40,000 to 50,000 monthly – to pay telephone bills, Internet charges, transport costs to Anuradhapura and many other problems. In the past, we got a lot of help from Sri Lankans. But now with the Iraq war, there is a delay in receiving funds.

TMG: How did you get these funds?

Wanni: In many cases, it is from Sri Lankans living abroad. Those living in Sri Lanka as well as foreigners have helped us.

TMG: Now, do you earn something from web designing?

Wanni: Yes, we have done that. We earn money ourselves. What we do mostly is to get together with the children and design websites for private institutions. The money we get goes to a common fund and it this that we spend now.


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