Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | December 24, 2007

14. First Live TV Talk show by Horizon Lanka kids in 2003

T M G Chandrasekara: Now, when you were on this journey, with the support of parents of course, what were the challenges you faced?

Wanni: Yes, here I like to show as a Powerpoint presentation, – this is the work our students themselves. It is a PowerPoint programme done beautifully, with the single colour. It shows the challenges faced by Horizon School and how they were overcome. These children are smiling now, but they did not have smiles all the time. We faced problems that we could not imagine. Even in the village itself, the traditional leadership may not be that happy when someone young gets together with children and does something new. Or, this might be a problem to someone who does not profit directly from Horizon School. Sometimes this could produce obstacles. At the same time, there are many who fear new technology and the use of tools and instruments connected to new technology. So, we faced problems in these situations, but we mostly …

TMG: Yes, there is someone calling about these same obstacles. May I know who wants to speak?

Caller: This is a computing skills teacher who is speaking. At present computers are being distributed throughout our country. But what have you got from the government, Education Ministry so far?

TMG: What he wants to know is whether you have had any sponsorship from the government. One point is that Horizon School is not a government school, isn’t it, Wanni?

Wanni: No, we have no affiliation whatsoever to the government. This is something that we ourselves started under trees. We have not received anything up to now, I am sorry to say that we have received nothing from the government. We hope to continue in the future as well. It is a lot if there is at least a drop in the obstacles created even if we do not get any help.


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