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13. First Live TV Talk show by Horizon Lanka kids in 2003

T M G Chandrasekara : Yes. There is another telephone call. Go ahead.

Caller: This speaker is a teacher who taught Mr. Wanninayaka.

TMG: May I know your name, please?

Caller: L. Somadasa, from Avissawella. I am one of Mr. Wanninayaka’s teachers.

TMG: So, how do you feel happy about Wanni today?

Caller: I am extremely happy: because we knew when this child was studying, that he would go a lot further. I know that this child will progress more. Mahavilachchiya really is one of the most under-privileged schools. These children studied in the midst of all those difficulties. The service that this child is giving is highly valuable. Mahavilachchiya didn’t have even an electricity supply those days. It’s only recently that an electricity supply has come. And, if they are given telephone facilities, these children can do a lot more work.

TMG: Good. Thank you, Mr. Somadasa. Your word is a great incentive to Wanni and his team, isn’t it Wanni? You would remember, won’t you?

Wanni: Certainly, yes. If we didn’t have Mr. Somadasa and others of that generation of teachers that we had when we were in school, we might not be here today. We are very thankful that Mr. Somadasa spoke.

TMG: Wanni, how did you learn English?

Wanni: In the village itself. Not in tuition classes or anywhere else, but in the village, initially. At that time we had one Mr. Gunawardne as our English teacher. It was the same period when Mr. Somadasa was there. He is the one who introduced us to double-ruled books and showed us how to write English characters – we were in Grades 7 and 8, not knowing a word of English. Mr. Gunawardne had the ability to teach us quite speedily. Mr. Gunawardne can be happy if he is watching this programme – I sent a few letters, but I couldn’t find the whereabouts of Mr. Gunawardne. In fact, it is the same methods that   Mr. Gunawardne used with me that I use even today to teach my students.



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