Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | December 24, 2007

11. First Live TV Talk show by Horizon Lanka kids in 2003

T M G Chandrasekara : Radhika, I like you to read a part of the email you received and tell us what is there.

Radhika: Yes. This is a very long email. This is sent by chooti maama – we all call him chooti maama. Surnanimala Kulatilleke is chooti maama’s name. He has helped us a lot. I’ll read a small part. “From Surnanimala Kulatilleke. To Subject: Hardworking.  Dear Radhika Duva. Yes, I would gladly help you, but it is you who will have to develop your English. I cannot do that for you. Most important is you have to learn to think in English. Never attempt to translate what you think in Sinhala because the flow of ideas is much different in both languages.

TMG: It goes like that some more, doesn’t it? Now do you do like that?

Radhika: Yes.

TMG: That means you think in English itself to do your writing or speaking. Now, we usually think in Sinhala first, don’t we, Wanni?

Wanni: This barrier is there very often in villages because the use of English is poor. We have arranged a special programme at Horizon School. We get down VCDs of high quality, famous foreign films. English films have subtitles also in English and we show a section of these for about half an hour every day to our children. Recently we showed Ben Hur – one of the old films – and when the children read the subtitles they learn to think in English. Then they find it easy to develop their writing skills.


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