Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | December 24, 2007

10. First Live TV Talk show by Horizon Lanka kids in 2003

Wanni: Now I also like to show the websites of Horizon School. We use three URLs now:; we recently got and [only is used now] You can use any of these URLs to enter our website. Now, we have been talking about the emails that Radhika had received. This is one of the long emails that Radhika got. There is an interesting story here. This is sent my Mr. Suranimala Kulatilleke, who is living in Australia. Everyone calls him “chooti maama”. He has been working at Mahavilachchiya in the 1960s. He has come across this website quite by chance. He liked it, came to Sri Lanka and spent a few days with the children. He has given us a great service.

T M G Chandrasekara : Wanni, give me minute. We have one of our listeners on the phone. Who is it, please?

Telephone speaker: Pathirana, Ranjith Pathirana. I want to ask these two children whether they have visited the first Sinhala email website. A far as I know, this Sinhala website has been copyrighted in Sri Lanka. It is called Kapruka. Have you seen it?

TMG : We have a problem like this, Mr. Pathirana. I said this earlier also. These children have to travel 40 kilometers to browse the Internet. They come to Anuradhapura to get linked to the Internet. So, for these children using the Internet is quite a problem. Isn’t it so, Wanni?

Wanni: Yes. At the same time, there a few other websites like Kapruka that give email facilities in Sinhala. One of the main disadvantages in these – I have visited all these – is that they all have letters pasted as pictures or graphics, in jpeg format. I don’t think it is good step to develop the use of Sinhala for computers. The basic approach is good, but what we should have is a character allocation table for Sinhala language. There is Mr. Gamintilleke, who has helped us a lot. He has been putting in a lot of effort in this area. If we have something like that, then writing emails in Sinhala won’t be a big problem.

TMG: Yes, I think this problem is going to get solved fairly soon. Sinhala characters are now getting international – ISO – acceptance. Microsoft is now working on this, and we’ll be able to do this in the future.


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