Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | August 31, 2007

6. First Live TV Talk show by Horizon Lanka kids in 2003

Vodpod videos no longer available.

TMG Chandrasekara

Now, let’s look at what Ruvini and her friends have done.

Here, I’ll show the webpage that Ruvini herself did yesterday.
We had a visitor from Kuwait about two weeks back. He brought some computers to the children. This is Ruvini’s web page about the visit.

Now the webpages are all done by the children. At the start I did. Then I realised that the children could do a better job. Now I only add anything missing or make any corrections. All these pages are therefore the work of the children.

What else do you like to say, Ruvni?
What type of information do you include when you do a webpage like this?

In my page I have a lot of things about my family, my abilities, and what I have done so far at Horizon School.

Do you have people who send emails to you?

Yes, I get some emails in even in my own name. They say my webpage is good. When there are mistakes, they show them.

From which countries do you get emails like this?

From America, Kuwait …

So, they have become your friends through email?


Wanni, what do you like add about this experience?

I can show in this page something really creditable that Ruvini and Isuru have done.
An year or two ago — you see, Ruvini and Isuru are not really big-made people — when I visited them, I saw them digging hole in the compound. I thought they were playing and when I asked them, they said they were digging a well. When I asked why, they said, “Only the father earned something, working in a small shop”. So, they wanted to dig a well, do some cultivation and get some income to help the home. So what I did was to put this story in our webpage. Then – you can see at the bottom — they got help to complete the whole well.


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