Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | August 30, 2007

5. First Live TV Talk show by Horizon Lanka kids in 2003

Vodpod videos no longer available.

TMG Chandrasekara:

Ruvini is joining us now. Ruvini, why don’t you tell us when you joined Horizon.

OK, I joined Horizon in Year Four.

Year Four. Which Year are you in now?

Now in Year Ten.

Year Ten. So you have been there from the start.

Yes, one of the founder members.

I have been studying for about five years in this school now. Those days we did not know how to design a webpage. But now we are able to design our own webpages. Also we have knowledge about computer, that is, software.

From another angle this is a chance for you, living in an isolated and remote village, to join the rest of the society and to go forward with the others. We saw last month that you and your friends gave a presentation on your website and your village to an audience of international experts at a meeting in a high class hotel in Colombo.
How were you able to contribute to this?
How did you get this training?

Yes, if you look at our class, there are days when there are no teachers. On those days students from the higher grades come to the lower grades and teach those children. We have no problem that they are not teachers. They help us in our studies.
We also have visitors coming to our class. Here, it is not the teachers who take the main role in the work.
The moment we get a message that a visitor will be coming, somebody suitable, that is, if the visitor is going to teach web design, a student who likes web designing is selected and that student is asked to make a webpage about the visit. From the start of the visit until he bids farewell….

Wanni, can we have look at some of the work they have done like that?

Sure. At the same time, I’ll show you here our children participating in the National Computer Conference that TMG mentioned. This is a first grade hotel, in fact, this is the first time the children have been inside a five-star hotel. Without any fear or hesitation, these children, these small children — Ruvini, Isuru, Radika — talked in front of a large audience …

This presentation was done at a conference of the association of computer professionals, wasn’t it?



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