Posted by: horizonlankafoundationlk | August 7, 2007

Mr Andytje Millimon, Miss Lien and Miss Lindy Deroo of Belgium volunteered at Horizon Lanka in December 2005


If somebody ventures to ask who went into the hearts of HLA students so quickly and so deeply of the volunteers that have visited Horizon Lanka so far the automatic reply of anybody at HLA would be Andy, Lindy and Lien. Though they were not native speakers of English they were marvelous socializing agents. It is correct to say that these three were more or less natives of Mahavilachchiya in no time they arrived here visiting houses, temples, schools and other places with more enthusiasm and ease than a local visitor. Their friendly nature was incomparable was capable of mesmerizing even hard core guys at Horizon Lanka. – Ranjith Pushpakumara, Head Master, Horizon Lanka Academy



  1. Hozizon, thats a place that inever forget anymore, i had lot of fun, and i learn a lot, 1 month is not enough to stay there, !!

    On this way i wont to say thx, to my sri lanka family, specialy to my brother ranuka,
    i miss eveybody so much

    thx to make a person like now from me,

    horizon is in my heart

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